Round Cakes


Common Tier Combinations (Other combinations, extra-deep and double-barrel tiers are also available)

4" on 6"20$140$180
6" on 8"36$236$276
6" on 10"50$295$335
4" on 6" on 8"44$304$364
6" on 8" on 10"74$447$507
6" on 9" on 12"100$540$600
6" on 10" on 14"128$680$740
8" on 10" on 12"118$630$680
8" on 12" on 16"180$850$910
4" on 6" on 8" on 10"82$511$591
6" on 8" on 10" on 12"130$710$790
4" on 6" on 8" on 10" on 12"138$770$870
6" on 8" on 10" on 12" on 14"208$9121,012


Minimum Order – 2 Dozen

Gourmet Cupcakes$3.00$36.00
Gourmet Cupcakes with Filling$3.25$39.00
Gourmet Cupcakes with Custom Decor$3.00+Price Varies


Minimum Order – 2 Dozen

Regular Cookies$2.00$24.00
Iced Cookies$2.50$30.00
Decorated Cookies$1.25+Price Varies


Minimum Order – 2 Dozen

Individual – $2.50

Dozen – $30.00

Cake Truffles

Minimum Order – 2 Dozen

Individual – $2.00

Dozen – $24.00


Minimum Order – 2 Dozen

Dipped Strawberries$2.50$30.00
Dipped Pretzel Rods$2.00$24.00

Cake Flavors 

Banana – banana cake with vanilla buttercream

Caramel – caramel cake with caramel buttercream

Cherry Chocolate Chip – cherry chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream

Chocolate – chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Caramel  – chocolate cake with caramel buttercream

Chocolate Chip Cookie – vanilla chocolate chip cake with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Orange  – chocolate cake with orange buttercream

Chocolate Raspberry – chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

Cinnamon Roll – cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing

Coconut Cream – coconut cream cake with coconut buttercream

Coconut Mango  – Coconut mango cake with coconut buttercream

Cookies and Cream – vanilla Oreo cake with vanilla Oreo buttercream.

French Vanilla – french vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

Lemon – lemon cake with lemon buttercream

Mint Chocolate Chip – mint chocolate chip cake with mint buttercream

Orange – orange cake with orange buttercream

Orange Creamsicle – orange cake with vanilla buttercream

Peanut Butter Chocolate – peanut butter cake with peanut butter and chocolate buttercream

Pineapple Coconut  – coconut pineapple cake with coconut buttercream

Raspberry – raspberry cake with raspberry buttercream

Red Velvet – red velvet cake with cream cheese icing

Root Beer Float – root beer cake with vanilla buttercream

Snickerdoodle  – cinnamon vanilla cake with cinnamon buttercream

Spice – cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger cake with cream cheese icing

Strawberry – strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream

White – white cake with vanilla buttercream



Caramel Pecan – caramel toasted pecan cake with caramel and vanilla buttercream

Carrot – carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake – chocolate hazelnut cake with hazelnut filling and chocolate buttercream

Key Lime – key lime cake with lime curd and lime buttercream

Italian Cream – toasted pecan coconut cake and coconut buttercream

Lemon Blueberry – lemon cake with blueberry filling and vanilla buttercream

Lemon Poppy Seed – lemon poppy seed cake with lemon buttercream

Peaches-n-Cream – peach cake with peach filling and vanilla buttercream

Raspberry Lemonade – raspberry lemon cake with lemon curd filling and raspberry buttercream

Smores – graham cracker cake with marshmallow ganache filling and chocolate buttercream

Strawberry Lemonade – strawberry lemon cake with lemon curd filling and strawberry buttercream



Chocolate Peppermint – chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream

Cranberry Orange – cranberry orange cake with vanilla buttercream

Eggnog – eggnog cake with cinnamon buttercream

Gingerbread – gingerbread cake with cream cheese icing

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip – pumpkin chocolate chip cake with vanilla buttercream

Pumpkin Spice  – pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing

Spice – cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger cake with cream cheese icing



Cinnamon Apple Cider Cake – cinnamon apple cider cake with apple filling and cinnamon buttercream

Other flavors available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions 

Consultations are by appointment and contingent upon my availability for your event date. If I am available for your event date, I will schedule an hour appointment to discuss all of the details with you. It is important to answer the questions listed on the “Contact Me” page when you request a consultation time so that I am best able to prepare myself to serve you well. This is also where you may request to be included in my mailing list.

Select flavors are offered at a tasting for a fee. 

It is important to have a budget in mind. Having your event location, colors, and floral decisions (if applicable) chosen prior to our consultation is helpful in creating a design especially for you. If you have an element for your event that we may be able to draw inspiration from, bring that as well. For example, your dress, your invitations, your theme, color swatches, a monogram or design. Anything that inspires you may be helpful. I also have many resources for ideas. Together we’ll create something wonderful just for you!

Cake quotes given that are not secured with a deposit are valid for 30 days.

I require a minimum of three weeks for smaller birthday/special occasion orders. I require a minimum of six weeks for larger birthday/special occasion orders & wedding orders. The more time you can give me the better.

While I am able to duplicate designs as closely as possible, I prefer not to.  As a sugar artist, I enjoy creating a personalized design just for you.  This is gratifying for me as an artist and you receive a personal, unique, custom design just for you.  This is just one of many services that set me apart from others. 

Yes, I love to teach! Use the Contact Page to request more information.

All changes need to be at least three weeks before your event. Changes for orders with gumpaste and fondant figures must be made four weeks prior to your event.

Each request is custom designed and one-of-a-kind. Price is based upon the complexity of the order, product cost, and the number of people being served. After our consultation, I will prepare a price estimate for you and present it to you for your review and approval. Some factors that increase the cost are cake sculpting, detailed piping, gumpaste/fondant decorations, airbrushing, painting, and other time consuming design elements. Final order prices are usually not set until closer to your event date and are subject to change if necessary to compensate for unexpected time or the level of difficulty. All orders must be paid in full at least three weeks prior to your event date or the order may be cancelled.

*Prices are subject to change.

Yes, 50% of your order total is required to secure your date. It is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Remaining full payment must be made according to our agreement for your event or your order may be canceled. Date changes must be secured with an additional nonrefundable 50% deposit.

Cake quotes not secured with a deposit are invalid after thirty days.

Yes. If you will be using one of our cake bases or platforms for your display, a $100 deposit is required. This deposit will be written as a separate check. If our equipment is returned within’ seven days clean, without damage or missing parts to Chantal’s Cakes and Desserts, your deposit check will be returned to you. If our equipment is not returned within’ seven days, your deposit is no longer refundable.

Yes, set up and delivery is $15 plus $1 per travel time minute.

No. There is no charge for a pick up. There will be a $15 late charge for every 30 minutes that you are late picking up your order. I am not responsible for your order after it leaves my studio.

I accept cash, or check. There is a $25 fee for bounced checks.

Use the “Contact” page to request a consultation or contact me by phone.

I am not able to ship orders at this time. Orders may be delivered within the Northern Utah area. Delivery and set up charges will be discussed at your consultation. Please be sure to include your event location information with your message request on the “Contact Me” page.

I am able to coordinate with your florist if it is fresh flowers that you would like.

Absolutely! I am happy to help you with suggestions and assistance in displaying your order at your location.

You will want to find out if this service is offered by someone at your location. It’s important to have someone that has an understanding of how to serve your order, manage this responsibility.

I do not have a retail shop or pre-made items for sale. Each order is made fresh.

Fondant is sugar dough made from powdered sugar, vanilla, gelatin, and other sugary ingredients.

I am not hiring or accepting interns at this time.