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"We had shopped around a good deal, and we had finally given up on getting exactly what she wanted – it just did not seem possible to get it all. Then we talked to you, and you made it happen! She was thrilled with her cake."
"I had a cake in mind and brought Chantal some pictures and told her my ideas. The cake that she made surpassed all of my expectations! It was highlight of the party and was so neat that my husband didn’t want to cut and serve it."
"I loved our wedding cake! There were even nuts in the hazelnut layer, not just the flavoring. The buttercream was smooth and creamy. The cake was just as I imagined. Thanks for helping create that special part of our wedding day!"
Admired, devoured
and always remembered.
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Chantal Fairbourn, a distinguished figure in sugar art with over 30 years of experience, is the visionary behind the Sugar Artists of Utah Show, an annual event that unites enthusiasts and showcases talented artists. As an International Certified Sugar Art Judge and former Utah ICES Representative, her meritorious standing in the community is well-deserved.

Beyond her organizational roles, Chantal is the proprietor of Chantal’s Cakes and Desserts, specializing in wedding cakes. In this capacity, she not only imparts her knowledge through sugar art classes but also presents her stunning creations featured in various publications. Chantal’s unwavering commitment to the sugar arts has earned her accolades as a respected judge and positioned her as a revered figure in event coordination, solidifying her esteemed status in the industry.

With a rich history in sugar artistry, Chantal’s expertise extends over three decades, making her a venerable presence in the field. Her crowning achievement, the Sugar Artists of Utah Show, serves as a testament to her visionary leadership within the industry. This annual event has become a pivotal gathering, fostering a sense of community among sugar art enthusiasts while providing a platform for talented artists to shine.

Chantal’s credentials as an International Certified Sugar Art Judge and her tenure as the former Utah ICES Representative underscore her commitment and contributions to the sugar art community. These roles not only showcase her expertise but also reflect her dedication to advancing the art form and fostering connections among practitioners.

As the founder of Chantal’s Cakes and Desserts, Chantal operates a specialized venture that focuses on creating exquisite wedding cakes. Beyond the realm of baking, she extends her passion for sugar art by offering classes to aspiring enthusiasts. Her role as an educator adds another layer to her multifaceted presence in the industry, as she imparts knowledge and skills to the next generation of sugar artists.

Chantal’s artistic prowess is not confined to her educational endeavors. Her breathtaking creations, featured in various publications, serve as a testament to her skill and innovation in sugar artistry. These showcases not only highlight her talent but also contribute to the broader recognition of sugar art as a sophisticated and artistic culinary discipline.

The accolades Chantal has garnered as a respected judge underscore her discerning eye and commitment to upholding the highest standards in sugar art. Her role as a judge is not merely ceremonial but a reflection of her deep understanding of the craft and her dedication to maintaining its integrity.

Founder & Director of the Sugar Artists of Utah Show    |    International Certified Judge    |    Sugar Art Instructor​

Founder & Director of the Sugar Artists of Utah Show

International Certified Judge

Sugar Art Instructor​

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to sugar art dreams.

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Most couples spend between $800 and $1,200 on their wedding cake.

Most custom birthday and specialty cakes cost between $400 and $600.

Single Tier Cakes
$9 – $10 per serving

Stacked Cakes
$10-$11 per serving

$40 per dozen
2 dozen minimum

Cake Truffles
$30 per dozen
2 dozen minimum

The prices listed are basic starting prices.   Please contact us for a quote on a custom order.

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